Vertical Aerial Photography

We utilize customized unmanned drone aircraft as our camera platforms.

Vertical aerial photography. Strictly vertical aerial photographs can be obtained directly only for a horizontal plain with a flat surface. Black white color and color infrared. As a rule vertical aerial photographs are easier to interpret than oblique photographs because of the standardised ways in which they are taken with set scales and at a single non arbitrary angle 10.

Example of vertical photo. Vertical aerial photography photographic surveying of a locality from the air with an aerial camera on a stabilizing mount in an aircraft and pointed vertically downward. Vertical aerial photography vertical photography.

Aerial image solutions specializes in low altitude high resolution aerial photography services. Aerial photographs are acquired by iamtreked planes and drones which are equipped with state of the art mapping cameras. As the name suggests this method of photography looks straight down on the subject area to produce a map or plan view.

Vertical aerial photographs are valuable sources of data for openstreetmap. Aerial photographs are generally classified as being vertical or oblique. Vertical aerial photography is ideal for surveys of larger and more diverse sites such as pipelines road routes mapping rivers power lines forestry land surveys etc.

We strive to stay on top of the latest drones to provide the best aerial platforms for capturing stunningly clear high resolution video photo panoramas and orbits. Vertical aerial photography is an airborne mapping technique which uses a high resolution camera mounted vertically underneath the aircraft to capture reflected light in the red green blue and. A vertical photograph is one which has been taken with the camera axis directed toward the ground as vertically as possible while an oblique photograph is one which has been taken with the camera axis directed at an inclination to the ground.

While surveying by collecting gps tracks is the primary way for collecting data tracing features from an overhead photograph makes inputting vast amounts of data quicker to be filled in and verified later via on the ground surveying. Other terrains necessitate additional photogrammetric work. Aerial photography is best defined as the art of taking photographs of the ground from an airborne platform including both traditional and modern platforms.

For example the earliest aerial photos were taken using balloons kites and fixed wing aircraft.

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