History Of Aerial Photography Ppt

This image of earthrise over the moon was taken from apollo ten in may 1969.

History of aerial photography ppt. It is a means of fixing time within the framework of space delatil 1961. Aerial photography aerial photography is one of the most common versatile and economical forms of remote sensing. 30000 to 1 60000 scale on a conventional black and white panchromatic film.

The scale of photography further depends on objectives of the work which governs the speed of the aircraft and its flying height. The mercury and apollo space missions took aerial photography to a new level. Aerial photography was the first method of remote sensing and even used today in the era of satellite and electronic scanners.

Aerial photography and remote sensing is the property of its rightful owner. The powerpoint ppt presentation. Advantages of aerial photography the basic advantages that aerial photographs offer over ground based observation are.

Aerial photography 1926 2008 national geo spatial information ngi is the government component responsible for aerial photography and has an archive of aerial photographs dating back to the 1930 s. This paper shows important points on the development of aerial photography. Interpreter can thus utilise aerial photographs to analyse the land use changes.

Most of the conventional aerial photography is done at 1. Lawrence took aerial photographs of san francisco in 1906 following the devastating earthquake but it was not until world war i when potentially military applications were foreseen that a systematic process of taking aerial photographs would become key to the development of the method. Do you have powerpoint slides to share.

The photography is at a variety of scales and has provided complete coverage of the country since the 1950 s. This image of earthrise over the.

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