Black And White Photography Uses

Photographers would buy coloured filters and use them to alter the tones in black and white photos.

Black and white photography uses. Black and white photography is the art of using different tones of gray ranging from white to dark to create compelling images. For example if your scene includes a blue sky then using a yellow filter will make the sky a little darker an orange filter makes it even darker and a red filter darker still. By the time photographers captured the first permanent color image in 1861 monochrome photos had been around for 35 years.

When converting colour it is important to have different tones in the photo so your subject will jump out of the background or surrounds ie. Not all photos look great in black and white and one of the arts of photography is seeing how the image will look before you take it. Black and white portraiture lets the audience see the subject s face and read his or her eyes without distraction.

The represented cornerstones in this architectural photograph are shape texture contrast and tone. This genre has a very long history as long as photography itself. Grayscale is merely a way to show black and white images on a computer which uses a reduced set of shades of gray.

In short convert images to black and white when the light form or texture in the scene is more compelling than the hues of the subject matter. When to use black and white. The black and white photography medium lends itself very well to capturing an architect s intent.

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